Wisdom, Water and Wellness February Retreat 🗓 🗺

Welcome to our 11th Wisdom Witch Retreat.

Nurture and harmonize your mind, body and soul at our Wisdom, Water and Wellness February retreat. Join us for 2 nights 16th – 18th February 2024 at the magical location right on the banks of Loch Long in Ardmay House, Argyll, Scotland and allow yourself the precious time to relax, unwind, rejuvenate and reconnect by immersing yourself in our daily offering.

Our residential retreat always commences with our unique Wisdom Witches “Deep Connecting Circle”, which is the Wisdom Witches’ very special version of a traditional welcome circle. It allows everyone to quickly connect at a very deep level beyond the superficial identity and to be welcomed into a place of safety and friendship away from outside distractions and noise.

Our weekend of offerings includes:-

· Daily Cold salt water dipping to cleanse and rejuvenate

· Sound journeying and Music Medicine to open the soul

· Daily Movement and energy medicine to align and restore your vitality

. Creating an emotional “tapestry” to self connect and release any emotions that no longer serve you

. A deep healing Inner child guided meditation followed by creating yourself a lovely inner child doll to talk to every day about your thoughts and hopes and dreams!

· A powerful Light Meditation that invites you to deeply connect to that inner space

· Light language card reading that encourages a deep release

· Storytelling, intention setting and stargazing around the campfire (when weather permits)

· Simple, wholesome food and snacks cooked by our wonderful nutritionalist to nourish you throughout your stay

All our Wisdom Witches Wellness Weekends begin with a “Deep Connecting Circle”, which is the Wisdom Witches’ unique version of a traditional welcome circle. It allows everyone to quickly connect at a very deep level beyond the superficial identify and to be welcomed into a place of safety and friendship.

The incredible “magical” energy and powerful shifts that are created during our events are hard to describe in words but this is what one of our previous participants had to say:

“I have had the privilege of attending many of the WW retreats and I have to say OMG … I come back feeling absolutely amazing. They are each unique in their own way and so rejuvenating and refreshing, and I feel a real sense of calm and at peace with myself and others. I always come back actually feeling like I am floating on cloud 9”


Ardmay House, Arrochar, Argyll, G83 7AH. Car parking is included for the duration of your stay. If anyone wishes to come by train or bus then please get in touch and we can help coordinate travel.


Dating back to 1854, the Ardmay House has been renovated and refurbished in recent years. It features plenty of communal spaces, including a large commercial kitchen, a bright drawing room, a morning room with loch views, a dining room able to seat the whole group, a games room with a selection of board games, a library and a breakfast room.

You can choose from a mix of 12 bedrooms, including 4 large doubles/family rooms, 4 single rooms and 4 twin rooms, which you can see reflected in the ticket options.


The price of the ticket includes:

· 2 nights’ accommodation in well-appointed rooms of your choice

· Delicious meals (including vegetarian options) from dinner on the Friday through to lunch on the Sunday

· All activities and special sessions run by the Wisdom Witches, including Qigong, Music Medicine, Cold Water Dipping, Meditations, Energy Medicine and others

· Please note that the ticket price excludes 2.5% website service charge


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Scheduled Argyll, Scotland
Ardmay House, Arrochar, Argyll, G83 7AH Map
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