Summer Gardens & Open Space Wellness Days 🗺

The JAYCEES Alumni & Volunteers will be organizing  walking/hiking, planting/pruning, wildlife and water fowl observations ~ throughout the Summer ~ along their 400 linear foot award-winning Arboretum, the 1.3 mile rugged state Senator Donald Roch Riverwalk, traversing along the newly-established W.. Warwick Riverwalk (Pawtuxet River Valley Walkway) and the extensive six(6) mile West Bay Bikepath or Greeway, connecting the municipalities of Cranston, Warwick, West Warwick and Coventry in central Rhode Island.

Riverpoint COMMUNITY Park 110 Hay Street Post Office Box 348 West Warwick, RI 02893


This picturesque trail system is nestled along the largest waterway of the state and its all-important confluence of the north and south branches, the Pawtuxet River and its watershed.

The JAYCEE Arboretum & Senator Roch Riverwalk, is a wellness walk location designed to promote healthy lifestyles, outdoor open space activities such as paddling / kayaking, trail walking/running, wildlife and water fowl observations and the overall concept of connecting the public with trails in their communities and regions while building partnerships to protect and enhance trails and nature lanes.

Contact E-mail: [email protected]

West Warwick, RI
110 Hay Street Post Office Box 348 West Warwick, RI 02893 Map
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